Smart and affordable high density modules


Design and Manufacture of VERY dense modules, chips, and systems Using ONLY PCB proprietary technology


The Challenge

As the result of two major trend ( Shown here ) the cost for technology ownership by means of a chip technology innovation companies become just ENORMOUS

Qubeicon innovative, proprietary, and revolutionary technology changing this paradigm.

Design costs

Development costs for a new product as a function of minimum feature size. Source: International Business Strategies

Chip Design Cost.jpg

End of Moore's low

Moore’s Law depends upon the continuous reduction in the size of a transistor to maintain positive momentum in both cost and performance. Forecast Source: Linley Group

Moore's low.jpg

The Solution: Smart & affordable high density small PCB modules.

We deliver to you – the new system start-up, the innovative company branch, the IoT maker or any interested entity:  your own chip like package system module less than a fraction of a comparable SOC, SIP cost.



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